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Tenants & portfolio

By 31st December 2017, WAN S.A. realized 25 investments whose total surface amounted to more than 253,000 sq. m. The current state of portfolio of the Capital Group WAN equals to over 87,100 sq. m. of office, services, warehouse-production and residential.

All WAN's investments are well-located and can generate annual rental income of around PLN 27 million. In accordance with corporate standards, the property portfolio is valued annually by an external valuer, Polish Properties (http://http://www.polishproperties.com.pl/pl/)

Office, commercial and warehouse surface is leased to a diversified group of tenants such as banks, insurance, pharmaceutical or telecom firms. Local Polish companies or global corporations can be found among our tenants that include, for example:

Total rentable office and commercial space equals almost 27,500 sq.m net (including 359 parking places).

Total warehouse space amounts ca. 41,000 sq.m net.

Total residential space that includes luxury apartments, penthouses and stand-alone houses for sale amounts ca. 18,600  sq.m net:

WAN Capital Group's land bank equals over 1,300,000 sq.m at present. Between 2018-2022, up to 227,700 sq.m net of residential and commercial space can be built there together with 48,000 sq.m of parking space. These can be divided as follows:

48,700 sq.m net of residential space (houses and luxury apartments) in Cracow, Warsaw adn Łódź
51,000 sq.m net of office space in Warsaw and Gdańsk,
128,000 sq.m net of warehouse space near Warsaw, Łódź and Płock,