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Wybudujemy Ci biuro

ul. Śląska, Gdańsk

Contact person:
Anna Wilda+48 602 250 018a.wilda@wan.com.pl
Sales department+48 22 435 11 11handlowy@wan.com.pl

Usable surface: 3,820 sq. m
Legal status: final building permit

Located in the central part of Gdansk and well connected to the main areas of Tri-City. Proximity of SKM (a local commuter train), tram and bus lines will ensure the tenants convenient access to various transportation options. Immediate vicinity hosts a new business and office complex – the Arkońska Business Park, the Gdansk International Fair conference and service facilities, the University of Gdansk, and several shopping malls.

The planned investment is a B+ class office building.

There are clear references to minimalism in the design of the facade with respect for the proper illumination of the surface. Architects wanted to revive the facade by introducing stone elements fastening the building designed to display logos of future Tenants. Various tested technologies will be used during the finishing works to ensure a functional, modern and comfortable working environment that is a hallmark of the offices of this category.

Retail units were projected on the ground floor and underground garage will be realized under the building.




Office rent
12 Euro/ m² /net
Retail rent
16 Euro/ m² / net
Service charge
4 Euro/m² / net
1 lot in underground garage       
50 Euro / net
Minimum lease period
3 years
Indexation yearly