Old Town, Gdańsk

Net over-ground area: 12,700 m²

Legal status: the investment area is under a Local Spatial Development Plan

The building is surrounded by numerous monuments, in the vicinity of the Old Town. Designers aimed to fit it perfectly into the neighbourhood, so they drew inspiration from the surroundings and referred to the them in their architectural solutions. The main goal was to blend it in with the surroundings so as not to disturb the historical beauty of the immediate neighbourhood.

The project provides for the construction of an office and retail building with seven over-ground storeys and four underground levels with parking lots. The building will be functional and it will definitely stand out in this urban space, whereas its historical aspect will still be maintained. Entrances to all parts of the building are situated from the courtyard which will have a double role: representative from the outside and a welcoming one from the inside because of its open, green and light character.

Sold together with the Centromor building on Okopowa Street.